Current/Projected Fringe Benefit Rates

 FY 2023 (Approved Rates)

Rate Pool Fringe Benefit Pool Rate
Clinical Faculty 24.40%
Non-Clinical Faculty 30.50%
Professional & Scientific 39.20%
SEIU 41.70%
Merit 53.00%
House Staff 25.00%
Graduate Assistants 19.10%
Fellowships 11.50%
Post Docs 19.10%
Temporary 12.20%
Bi-Weekly Students 6.80%
Miscellaneous & Extra Compensation 5.80%

FY 2024 (Submitted Rates)

Rate Pool Fringe Benefit Pool Rate
Clinical Faculty 25.60%
Non-Clinical Faculty 31.20%
P&S (includes Merit Exempt) 41.20%
SEIU 42.40%
Merit 53.70%
House Staff 25.50%
Grad Asst/Post Docs 20.30%
Fellowships 9.80%
Temporary 11.80%
Student 7.00%
Miscellaneous & Extra Compensation 5.30%

Fringe rates are based on the principle of allocating a group (ex Clinical Faculty, Non-Clinical Faculty, etc.) of employee's total benefit cost over that group's total salary base for a given fiscal year. The salary base includes the academic year salary plus summer appointment salary. This is based on the assumption that summer session salary is subject to FICA and is entitled to receive the full employer funded contribution to a retirement program. Generally the retirement contribution is 10% of gross salary and the FICA component is 7.65% of gross salary.