Recent Activity & Trends

Recent Activity

In FY 2016, the University of Iowa's organized research base was $200 million (See the Organized Research Base Analysis Comparison table).  The University recovered $72.8 million or 36.4% of the organized research base in F&A related to sponsored activities (See the F&A Recoveries Comparison FY 2012 - 2016 table).  The difference between the actual recovered amount of 36.4% and the negotiated rate of 51.0% is due to the different federally-approved rates applied to off-campus projects, training grants, clinical trials and federal cost sharing arrangements.

Of the $72.8 million in total recoveries, $43.7 million was borne by the General Education Fund and therefore deposited into that fund.  There it is combined with tuition and state appropriations to form the revenue base for the General Education Fund (See the Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Recoveries Distribution table). The remaining $29.1 ($72.8 - $43.7) million in recoveries is distributed for the benefit of campus units which bear the costs of research overhead, and much of which is used to improve research facilities.

A portion of the allocated FY 2016 General Education Fund budget from F&A was reserved for distribution to collegiate units based upon the amounts and growth of F&A recoveries from those units.  This program is managed by the Vice President for Research (See the F&A Recoveries Distribution FY2016 table).

All recoveries of General Education Fund collegiate and departmental F&A recoveries are returned to individual college base budgets.



Recent trends in the research base and F&A recoveries by college are uneven.  Since FY 2012, the overall compounded annual reduction of the organized research base has been -1.6% and the parallel reduction in F&A recoveries has been -1.9%.  The colleges' individual performance varies.